St. Leonard’s Church

We had such a lovely day last week visiting with Roy and Libby, our English cousins. They shared with us a wonderful tour of the church where they were married 29 years ago, St. Leonard’s, of the Church of England. It’s just a short distance from their home in Newland in the Malvern area of Worcestershire. What a beautiful place!DSCF0011.JPG


What an amazing breathtaking surprise we had when we went inside! Beautiful frescoes by Clayton & Bell covered every surface in the chapel with color and ornate touches! We met our archivist tour guide, Colin B. and learned so much about the history. It was so fascinating to see! For preservation purposes, we weren’t allowed to take pictures, but here are some from the website,  ( )


Lovely depictions of the Beatitudes, parables, miracles, healing, works of mercy, and stories from the Savior’s life.


Latin: Beati qui esuriunt et sitiunt iustitiam = Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after justice


Speaking of Bible stories, at one point in the tour, our guide Colin asked about our work as missionaries. When we mentioned the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Mormons, he was so excited to tell us how much he enjoys the Bible Videos produced by our church, what great quality, yet simplicity and trueness to the King James Bible and no pontificating. He even commented on the accents being good, except for a few minor actors that had a touch of our American twang. 🙂 He told us to tell our church that his Anglican Church uses the Bible Videos often. Recently, they were used every week at the Lent groups preceding Easter Sunday.


The photo below shows how at one point in the chapel’s history one of the vicars had the bottom area painted over in a dark green-blue paint. This area is now in the process of being restored by a painter that walked in as we stood there. It was fun to hear about the process.


Our guide took us to some other areas, including the library. Gene itched to donate a Book of Mormon to complete his library! 🙂


Connected to the church is a whole complex of almshouses, with the purpose of helping the poor and elderly, housing 48 residents.


‘Such a fascinating tour! We went back to Roy and Libby’s and watched a video of their wedding there at the church 29 years ago, had a delicious lunch and wonderful conversation, as always. It was hard to leave them–we’ve had so many happy, sweet memories this last year knowing them! They are dear family to us! We will miss them! Our best comfort was knowing that they will be visiting us this fall, and we will be keeping in touch, in true cousin fashion!




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