Provo City Center Temple

Though we are 4700 miles away, we have been very much connected and aware of THE event of the century in our home town and valley–the new Provo City Center Temple open house these last few months, the cultural celebration yesterday and the sacred dedication today!

My Mom sent this “virtual tour of the temple” which we’ve watched and shared many times. It tells the unique story of how our beloved Tabernacle, so much a part of our lives for the last 37 years, caught fire, and then was rebuilt into a beautiful temple. We love how it has so much detail about the temple, its unique features, symbolism, craftsmanship….


Our stake president sent a link so we could watch Saturday’s Cultural Celebration live in the BYU Marriott Center. It was so worth staying up to watch it from 1 to 2:30 am! Here are some photos from it. ‘So fun to see the mix of film (about the history, heritage and personal connections) and thousands of youth participating in dance and song. The theme was so moving, from Isaiah 61:3, a prophecy that the Savior Jesus Christ will “give unto them beauty for ashes,” fulfilled with our temple and in our personal lives as we turn to Him.




Youth representing the pioneer heritage of Provo.



I loved this part in the finale, with all those beautiful wholesome young women dressed in temple white!

Finally, here are some photos of the temple, inside and outside, to represent for me our connection to this holy temple on this wonderful dedication day!







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