Gadfield Elm Twice Blessed

How could we be so lucky to get to be at Gadfield Elm twice this week, first with our district of missionaries at a preparation day tour and barbecue, and second yesterday with the Senior missionaries throughout our mission and our Mission Presidency and spouses!DSCF0009.JPGDSCF0013.JPGDSCF0014.JPGDSCF0017.JPGDSCF0018.JPGDSCF0019.JPGDSCF0023.JPGDSCF0026.JPGDSCF0027.JPG

What a sweet, rare opportunity to be with our fellow senior missionary couples for a few hours yesterday. Several drove over two hours to come! We met first at Gadfield Elm and enjoyed a conference together, Bernard and Val’s presentation, President Gardiner’s talk, President and Sister Leppard’s counsel. DSCF0001.JPGDSCF0003.JPGDSCF0004.JPGDSCF0005.JPGDSCF0006.JPG

Off to lunch at a nearby restaurant!


A short drive to the Hill Farm, with Benbow’s Pond where Wilford Woodruff baptized many, including my ancestor Thomas Jenkins.DSCF0014.JPGDSCF0015.JPGDSCF0017.JPGDSCF0018.JPG

Last stop to Castle Frome Church to warm up inside and have a short presentation about Thomas Jenkins to a sweet attentive encouraging group!


What wonderful historic places! So fun to share the spirit of them with these two great groups of missionaries, young and a little less-young!              Cheerio!



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