Zone Conference, Local Culture, Cousins

Such a busy time, with a variety of experiences! We loved our Zone Conference, where we were taught and inspired! We love our leaders and fellow missionaries!DSCF0002.JPGDSCF0001.JPG

Our good friend Mike K. has talked about a local play he helped write, produce and add his technological talents. After we showed interest in going to it, he let us come to see it. It was performed in a church hall of a small village near here. We had fun visiting with the people at our table, and sharing a bit of village culture!DSCF0022.JPG



Mike, our friend we first met in the car park for our flats, and over the months we’ve shared many great conversations coming and going. Really amazing sense of humor!


Not your typical Utah refreshments–we brought out our water bottles a little later. 🙂


To our surprise, one of the characters looked familiar to us……a fellow alto Erika in our community choir–a very talented miss (without her older lady wig)!!



Co-writers and producers!

Lastly, we had a lovely visit with our cousins at Roy and Libby’s home in Malvern. We had a lovely lunch together and shared memories of ancestors, homes, memories…… ‘So fun to be related to such wonderful people!


Roy and Libby, our dear cousins and host and hostess to our lovely day!


Janet, a bit “distanter” cousin, but not at all distant! ‘So warm and kind and fun!


Janet and her brother Geoffrey, from our Philpotts side of the family.


Geoffrey and his wife Julie

I’ve thought often that regular tourists might see many more tourist sights–there are so many places of history, culture, antiquity, and nature, that it would take a lifetime to see here– but we are having a unique experience of sharing with real-live “locals,” so to speak– fascinating, lovely people who have given us this rare treat to know them more, to share stories, join their village culture, be in their homes, laugh together, and  feel a special kinship! We love it!   Cheerio!


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