District Feast & Stake Film Festival

Two fun events this week:

On Thursday after our regular district meeting in Gloucester, we had a feast that was delicious and so fun to share together! We planned it the week before and it was fun to see how it all worked out! We had the world represented–Thailand, Korea, Romania, Papua New Guinea and our District Leader who is native American (called “Red Indians” in England, but now in America the name is “First Nation”), another elder from Colorado who worked for Great Harvest Bread, who got up at 4 am to make “to die for” bread, another elder from Utah who made a delicious chicken potato soup….Very impressive!DSCF0014.JPGDSCF0015.JPGDSCF0016.JPG

Last night we went to an awesome Stake Activity, the first ever Cheltenham Stake Film Festival. Each ward or branch of members worked on a 10 minute film with the theme, “Once Upon a Time…” featuring their members. It was amazing how professional they were, but how full of personality and fun! Our ward had so much fun putting ours together. “Where’s Allen?” was the title and there were so many adults and children that participated. They really had a ball! Awards were given for best storyline, best use of music, most member participation, best costumes (our ward won that one), best actor and actress, judges choice and peoples’ choice…. It was so fun watching them all, complete with hot dogs and popcorn and good fun!DSCF0017.JPGDSCF0018.JPGDSCF0019.JPG



“What’s more American than hot dogs?” as the song goes!


Some of our ward members who participated! Notice Samuel in front holding up our “Oscar”!


Happy memories! Cheerio!



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