We love our fellow missionaries!

Because we tend to spotlight the “unordinary” in our posts, we’ve neglected our wonderful “ordinary” in our lives here, the joyful, awesome association with our fellow missionaries, the young elders we serve with in Stroud, the missionaries whose flats we inspect in Wales, and our district and zone missionaries, the mission office couples, our mission president and his wife, the senior missionaries….. Here’s some catching up from the last few months!DSCF0002.JPGDSCF0001.JPGDSCF0002.JPGDSCF0007.JPGDSCF0009.JPGDSCF0002.JPGDSCF0005.JPGDSCF0006.JPGDSCF0013.JPGDSCF0045.JPGDSCF0001.JPGDSCF0002.JPGDSCF0003.JPGDSCF0004.JPGDSCF0005.JPGDSCF0018.JPGDSCF0001.JPGDSCF0013.JPGDSCF0016.JPGDSCF0017.JPGDSCF0030.JPGDSCF0014.JPGDSCF0016.JPG

What a blessing these missionaries are to us! They are full of light, joy, courage, strength, energy, faith and testimony! We love them and appreciate their example and love!



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