Liverpool & the Preston Temple

One of the places we’ve wanted to see is the docks of Liverpool, (three hours away) where at least thirteen of our direct ancestors boarded ships for America– from our 60-year-old Thomas Jenkins in 1840 to our six year-old George Kendrick, my Grandpa, in 1893. What courage it must have taken to leave their homelands, risk life, suffer the hardships of the voyage and face the unknown!


I loved focusing on how those ancestor emigrants must have felt! Every one of them had listened to missionaries (like us!) and were baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and wanted to worship freely with members in America. All settled in Utah. They were carpenters, coal miners, glovemakers, dressmakers, farmers, gardeners, musicians… English, Welsh, Swiss and Scottish. One ancestor, Johann Jakob Reiser, lost his wife on the voyage. Another, George Benjamin Craner, survived the voyage, but passed away on the plains of Kansas. I’m grateful to everyone of them for the heritage of courage they pass on to us!

Image result for Liverpool emigrants

Image result for Liverpool emigrants

Image result for Liverpool emigrants

About a half hour away from Liverpool is the Preston Temple. We had some wonderful days enjoying the lovely spirit there!


An hour’s drive took us to the home of our friends, Jonathan and Janette T., who moved there from Stroud in December.  They took us to some lovely places in Yorkshire.



IMAG0143 (1).jpg

I know! I look goofy, but Jonathan and Janette don’t!

IMAG0146 (1).jpgIMAG0154.jpgIMAG0156.jpgIMAG0158.jpg

Then, back to the Preston Temple, so beautiful, bathed in the sunset colors!


Lovely visit up north! Cheerio!


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