Dream Birthday

Gene gave me a dream birthday last week, by taking me up to Herefordshire, where we stayed at a Bosbury Country Bed & Breakfast.



The next morning, we explored some wonderful ancestor villages and found some ancestor homes. Gene was such a good sport driving through the rain and mud and humoring me as I looked at the tithe maps and tried to figure out where to go. (It’s a good thing it was my birthday!)  It was so fun!!!


Then we drove to the Hop Pocket Garden Center/Shopping Center/Cafe and met our cousins, Roy and Libby for a delicious lunch! We love being with them!

IMAG0141 (1).jpg

Libby made her famous sponge cake, so delicious! She’s so thoughtful!! I’m sporting my birthday Scottish scarf from them too! We had such a nice lovely visit!


We drove home in time to skype with our family, Joanna, Kristi, Drew and Claire. We also loved hearing from Matt and Julianne, John, Scott and Rachel, Chris, my sweet sisters, dearest Mom, friends from home and Stroud friends! A dream birthday!! Cheerio!



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