Rabbie Burns Supper


“The annual celebratory tribute to the life, works and spirit of the great Scottish poet, Robert Burns ((1759-1796). Celebrated on, or about, the Bard’s birthday, January 25th, Burns Suppers range from stentoriously formal gatherings of esthetes and scholars to uproariously informal rave-ups of drunkards and louts.”

Ours was right in the middle! Ours was a great evening with the Stroud Ward and friends!



Euen and Alisa and Fergus, our Stroud Ward Scottish connection!


We began with Euen addressing the Haggis, with passion and expression.

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Our wonderful Stroud ward friends and some new friends who came too!


Joe P., our Community Choir director and Stroud ward member, was the one who put the whole evening together. Here he and his friend Camie dish up the supper, consisting of…….


“Haggis”, a combination of meats and spices, (‘best not to ask more!)…..


“Tatties” (really yummy buttery mashed potatoes)…


and “Neeps”, cooked and mashed swede….

…put together for the traditional Burns Supper of Haggis, tatties and neeps!


Next, watching the entertainment, including…..


…Highland dancing by Eleanor M. (Hand gesture portrays the horns of the stag deer)…


Lovely Scottish song by Alisa M., accompanied by daughter Charlotte.

Then we heard our Stroud friend, Jacqui W read a famous Burns poem,

Image result for robert burns oh my love is like a red red rose poem




Who knew we all sing a Robert Burns song every New Years’ Eve, “Auld Lang Syne”!

Image result for Robert Burns-Auld Lang Syne

While we were in the Scottish mood this week, I checked out the Scottish side of our family history–my Dad’s great grandmother’s parents are both from Scotland, going back to lots of ordinary Scots and some Barons and Earls and Knights and Ladies. Here is a painting I found of one of them, James Stewart of Coltness, 1608-1681. I guess we better start having Burns Suppers every year now!!!!





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