Temple trip, Baptism and “Open Book”

We had a lovely pair of days at the London Temple this week! Here are two photos from our accommodations room window and some photos of the grounds the next day.DSCF0001.JPG


We loved the moon shining above the temple!


Our accommodations room.


See the flat chunks of ice floating in the water?


The accommodations center.



Neither of us wanted to pose, so this is what you get!

On Sunday we had a sweet experience at Anabella M.’s baptism. She is such a lovely girl, sensitive to the spirit, thinks about the things we teach in Primary, loves to sing and play the piano, and is a real joy to know!  She was so prepared and ready to be baptized and make covenants to follow the Savior Jesus Christ! We loved sharing this special time with her! (I lost my camera for three days so I took a picture of Anabella’s program here.)


Recently our friend Liz S., from the community choir, told us about the “Open Book” program, where she and other members of her church volunteer at the local community elementary school to act out Bible Stories “once a fortnight”, to give the children exposure to the values and stories from the Bible. It’s a 7-year old program across England that is having a lot of success.



Here they are practicing. Ann, the narrator, is also in our community choir, Peter is acting as Eli, the priest, and a school child (‘can’t give his name) acted as Samuel.



Peter, as Eli.


Liz, back in the corner, with the part of “the voice of God”, calling to Samuel in the night.

‘Wish we could’ve taken a photo of the all the children who came to watch in their school uniforms! It was fun to watch them and hear them sing before and after. They listened so well to the story of God calling a boy-prophet, Samuel, and how God speaks to children as well as adults and we need to listen.

‘Reminds me of our friend Catherine who said that when she was in her school religious education (like this) as a girl, she often wondered why there weren’t prophets “now-a-days” when they are so desperately needed. Later as a grown woman, LDS missionaries knocked on her door and their first words were, “Did you know that there are prophets and apostles on the earth today?” She was so excited to learn that God has restored His true Church to the earth, with prophets and apostles and His true authority! Gene and I itched to share that message with all those wonderful children and our actor friends! We hope that someday they will have that opportunity! Cheerio!


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