We’d like to introduce you to our dear friend, Peggy B. We first met her at the community choir that we hold at our church building on Monday nights. She is so delightful, fun, and talented! She writes newspaper articles about the choir, watches out for new members, praises the choir sections, leads the applause for the director and accompanist at the end of each rehearsal, and is dedicated and enthusiastic! When we learned that she is homebound  (besides choir rehearsals) with health challenges with her feet, we decided to go visit her. We also found out that she is just a short walk up the hill from us, in the Selsley village that looks down on our place in Dudbridge.

DSCF0001 (2).jpg

Peggy at a rehearsal in October.



Peggy, as we were getting ready for our Christmas performance at the St. Lawrence Church.

We love our visits with Peggy, which are usually on Friday mornings! She asks us about life in America, about the Church, and our service as missionaries, and she is such a good listener! We love to hear about her life, too, including her childhood when she was evacuated inland as a 10 year old during World War 2 for two years, about her teenage years, her teaching career in art and drama, her marriage to a good navy man, her sons and their families, life in the village….




We sometimes sing a little together at our visits, and we sound pretty good with her soprano, my alto and Gene’s bass! She teaching me a Welsh song, for my heritage! Here is a rainy day picture of her garden that her gardener keeps up (complete with a few raindrops on the window, England fashion. 🙂



She unravels for us mysteries of English culture, has a lovely sense of humor, and keeps us smiling! I only know of only one other person in the world who is as positive and happy as she is, and that’s my Mom! They would be kindred spirits! Both are delightful, amazing women who brighten the world!


Sharing photos and memories!


What a blessing her friendship is to us!




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