Christmas Goodwill Evening

DSCF0033.JPGOur Community Choir participated in our town of Stroud’s annual Christmas Goodwill Evening this last Friday, December 4th. As we arrived early, we caught the end of the children’s lantern parade through the town streets.DSCF0002.JPGDSCF0003.JPGDSCF0004.JPGDSCF0005.JPGDSCF0006.JPGDSCF0007.JPG


There was a carnival going on through the night. We thought this was a perfectly English ride that we appreciate more now!


At the Saint Lawrence Church in the town center, there was a festival of Christmas trees, where we performed with the choir.



‘Loved the beautiful artwork of the Savior’s birth, so very important amongst all the hustle and bustle of the season!


Then it was our turn to add to the festive atmosphere. We had so much fun preparing our four numbers and performing them for the people there. I didn’t get a proper choir shot, (too busy singing) but here are some random shots afterwards.


Joe, our amazing, talented choir director and miracle worker, in action!


We sang, ‘Silent Night”, “Do You Hear What I Hear”, “O Holy NIght” and a medley of Christmas carols.


Some of the soprano section of the choir. ‘Wish we got photos of the other 20+ that sang! I’ll do better with our performance next week!

Two of our choir friends helped decorate trees with their clubs, the Knit and Natters and the Stroud Embroidery Club.


We really did feel alot of “Goodwill” with our friends in the choir and the people of Stroud. A festive occasion! Cheerio!


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