Winstones Ice Cream

Winstone cows

Digital Camera

Our car, with the commons land behind us.

So, for months we have heard tales of the famous Winstones Cotswold ice cream! Ever since we came, we have had many fun times driving across the Rodborough Common and the Minchinhampton Common on our way to teaching appointments. These are hilltop areas of common grazing land for many farmers, where over 500 cattle roam freely, often stopping to linger right in the middle of the road. I love the touch of country it gives us, (except maybe when we are on a tight schedule). After a while, on certain warm days, we saw a long line (or que as they say here) of people winding across the field, and we guessed that was the spot where we could buy Winstones Cotswold ice cream. Our district leader, Elder T. planned a district p-day there a few weeks ago. The four elders rode their bikes, an amazing fete to ride a bike up the steep hills. The sisters and Gene and I drove in the car and met them. And yes, it was worth it!

new Winstones images

Digital Camera

‘Love this old-fashioned picture on the wall.

Digital Camera

Our district, missionaries from Stroud and Gloucester.

Digital Camera

Elder O. demonstrating delight.

Digital Camera


Digital Camera

My favorite coconut flavor, very heavenly!

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Winstones Ice Cream download



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