New Mission President

On Friday, we met our brand new mission president and his wife, the Leppards from Surrey England. Our three zones met in Rwibina, Wales for a wonderful meeting. They took time to personally greet each missionary, Sister Leppard showed us a slide presentation to get to know them and their family, President Leppard spoke to us–(a very inspired, faithful, down-to-earth leader), and they finished up with a question and answer session. Our mission is in great hands! Here is their photo and the Church News report about them:


Mark Anthony John Leppard, 48, and Jane Patricia Thurlow Leppard, four children, Epsom Ward, Crawley England Stake: England Birmingham Mission, succeeding President Robert C. Rasmussen and Sister Julie A. Rasmussen. Brother Leppard is a former stake presidency counselor, bishop, ward mission leader and missionary in the Canada Toronto Mission. Director of sales, Ascom UK Ltd. Born in Southampton, Hampshire, England, to Richard James John Leppard and Peggy Eileen Anne Leppard.

Sister Leppard is a former ward Relief Society president, ward Primary presidency counselor, gospel doctrine teacher, LDS Family Services stake representative and young single adult adviser. Born in Chiswick, London, England, to Peter William Thurlow and Myra Angela Doris Thurlow.



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