My English-born Grandpa, George Kendrick

I’ve felt such a closeness lately to my Grandpa Kendrick, who in 1887 was born in Worcester, a lovely city an hour’s drive away where we visited last week. When he was five years old, he boarded the ship SS Alaska for America with his parents and some siblings, and settled with them in Cache Valley, Utah. Here are some photos of him, gathered from our family blog, Kendrick Kennections, an amazing gift of labor and love from my sister Dayna Simons.

George Kendrick - 1892 England

We think this was taken in England, before they left for America, about 1892.

Dayna 4

This is young George between his parents, Caroline Philpotts and John Kendrick.

Grandpa George Kendrick - youngHere’s a little summary of Grandpa’s life we put together a few years ago:

Came to America when five years old
Baptized when eight in the Spring Creek near the old Sawmill in Providence
Herded cows for the farmers in the fields and Spring Creek Canyon for 25 cents a day
Roasted frog legs
Worked jobs threshing grain and hauling lime stone
Sang in the Ward Choir
Enjoyed taking part in Christmas and July 24th pageants
Liked skating, baseball, swimming, hunting, dancing, sleigh riding
Did housework for sick mother when he was 14 years old
Survived a gun-powder explosion in his face at a 24th of July party when 15
Started work for Consolidated Wagon and Machine Company at age 18,
worked for 34 years — as clerk, salesman, bookkeeper, collector, manager, trouble-shooter
Gave rides in surrey with fringe on top
Married Lillian when 27 in the Logan Temple
Worked at Bushnell Hospital during WW2
Water Master for Blacksmith Fork Water Co.
Providence Sheriff
City Marshall & Work Supervisor
Member of Providence Town Board
High Priest
Loved to treat family at Johnson’s Grove and Spudnuts
Invested in land
Loved the Logan canyon cabin
Six foot tall, curly hair, friendly disposition, generous
Led family in family prayers
Drove his “Jitney”
loved to tease and make life fun for all.

Grandpa by his Consolidated Wagon & Machine Company truck and in the store in Logan, where he was a great help and friend to the farmers. Here he is with his truck and in the store. The second photo with his truck and Grandma and my Mom, Donna May and her two sisters.

Kendrick 9 Kendrick 11 Aunt Carol's bday post 012

Here’s an early photo of Grandma and Grandma, Lillian Rinderknecht, who he married in 1914. Together they loved to ride in the surrey (1920 photo).

Brent's photo of Grandpa and Grandma George and Lillian c. 1920

Their first three daughters

1F Brent's photo of Grandma and Grandpa

Grandpa and Grandma with their six daughters, my Mom, Donna May on the right, then in the middle.image872image982

These next photos show his personality, that he was a tease and full of fun!

George Kendrick on horse0001 1A 1206 FotoFlexer_Photo Grandma & Grandpa Kendrick by the firePage 19

One of my favorite childhood places, Grandma and Grandpa’s home in Providence.Kendrick 13

These photos are of the last years of his life, when I remember him. He passed away in 1965 when I was seven years old. Kendrick 17 Kendrick 21

They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 1963.

Lillian and George 50th Wedding Anniversary image108Scan_Pic0002 Val Day 1964

I love my Grandpa Kendrick! Next post about our visit to Worcester, his birthplace.



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