The Great British Bake-off

Borrowed from the popular “Great British Bake-off”, our Stroud Ward held their own version last week. We had great fun joining together for a fun ward activity! Ward members brought home-made baked items, two each, one to judge and eat and one to be auctioned off in a silent auction for a charity. There were lots of wonderful, delicious treats!–Ginger cake, chocolate chip cookies, strawberry-topped log cake, lemon bars (mine), butterfly cupcakes, sausage rolls made by our Bishop, swirled muffins, apple crumble, gingerbread, fruit cake,……

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Our Elders and Young Women president, Alisa M., who headed up the whole activity, were the thoughtful judges. Elder Jones, in the black sweater (jumper in England), said it was a heavy responsibility! 🙂Digital CameraDigital Camera

Meanwhile, there were other activities for the children–cookie (called biscuits here) decorating, coloring, and creative icing competition.

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We, the missionaries had an assignment for an activity for the adults, so we had an apple-peeling contest, reminiscent of Kendrick reunions! We had two heats. The first heat was won by Jenn Y. on the left end with a 36″ length of continuous apple peel. Next to her were: Chris C., Elder Dunn, Bishop Sam C. and Elder Jones.

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The second heat became more competitive. Ceriss, the Bishop’s wife passed up her husband by an inch, John C. the High Priest Group leader on the right end, came close, then Carol L. in the middle had 38 inches, Beverly R., our investigator, second from the left was second place at 38 1/4 inches and our grand winner was Jared Y. with a whopping 60 inches, an engineering feat. He’s a student here with his family attending the Royal Agricultural College for the semester, so it fits!

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Our apple peeling contest winners, Jared Y., Beverly R. and Carol L.!Digital Camera

Jared and Jen Y. and two of their five children.

Digital Camera

Lots of visiting and cheering and fun conversations!

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Some of the Bake-off winners, the Cole’s grandchildren, our Bishop with his sausage rolls, his wife with her strawberry topped, flourless cake, Carol L.’s ginger cake.

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Digital Camera

Figuring out the silent auction results, taking in the cash bids, with an earning of 141 pounds, to be donated to the local women’s refuge.

Digital Camera

Eating lots of tasty creations, with leftovers at the munch and mingle the next day. Great fun!Digital Camera

Cheerio! 🙂


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