Castle Coch

We’ve driven by several times (as we’ve been on our way to flat inspections) the Welsh hillside where the Castle Coch is perched. We’ve said so many times, “Someday we’ll have to take time to explore that castle!” One day our inspection appointments got pushed back because of a zone meeting, so we had the morning open enough to do it. They say this is the “fairy tale castle”. There were lots of families there that day with spring break with lots of little girls thinking of princesses! The name Castle Coch means “Red Castle.” It was built on the ruins of a 13th century castle later in 1875 by one of the richest men in the world at the time, the third marquess of Bute, using money from the industrial growth of south Wales. Several films have been made filmed there, including Doctor Who and Merlin.

Digital Camera

Here is a drawing of the ruins of the castle from the 13th century.

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The third marquess, with some money to burn, must have felt a desire to preserve Welsh heritage and maybe to have a creative outlet, because he put alot into this castle “restoration” of sorts, including the drawbridge and the uniquely shaped turrets!

Digital Camera

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This is the banquet room, with paintings of the Bute family and lots of red touches.Digital Camera

Digital CameraDigital CameraDigital Camera

This is a view from one side of the inner courtyard to the other.

Digital Camera

Master bedroom to the max!

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Digital Camera

Lovely day inspecting a castle and “missionary castles” đŸ™‚  Cheerio!


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