The English Love Their Walks

Yes, one of the things we’ve really noticed is that the English love their walks! Rain or shine, mostly with a dog on leash, (101 Dalmations was “spot on”) there are Englishmen and women walking. There are signs saying “Public Footpath” everywhere, and there’s canal paths, wooded paths, paths cutting through fields… A few weeks ago the Relief Society planned a “walk”, the Laurie Lee walk in one of the valleys that surround Stroud. We were all ready to participate, until we found out it was 6 miles up and down the many hills around here. We tried to figure out a graceful way to participate in part, but then it worked out that several others needed to shorten the walk because of time, so we all went together and had a lovely day.

Digital Camera

Honorary Relief Society members for the day, Gene and Elder A. Jones, and Elder T. Dunn

Digital Camera

‘Love the stone walls that are everywhere through the cotswolds! The Purple was just starting then, now it’s bright and beautiful all over!

Digital Camera

Hillside Cottage!

Digital Camera

Missionaries and three lovely, valiant women, Carolien M., our RS president, Janette T., our guide for the day and Yvonne H., who has hiked in Peru and all over!

Digital Camera

I was looking for some deep symbolism of this combination of signs! I’ll let you see what you think!

Digital Camera

Home on Zion’s Hill.

Digital Camera

Sort of an excuse to stop and catch my breath as we climbed Zion’s Hill, I had to photograph this lovely pond and garden.

Digital Camera

I asked the man sitting here, with cigarette in hand, “Do you know why they call this Zion’s Hill?” He answered, not missing a beat, “Because we are all so holy!” He laughed and we had a great conversation about his travels to America.

Digital Camera

Hills of homes.

Digital Camera

More so.

Digital Camera

Crossing a field.

Digital Camera

I found out later the reason the guys stopped her and were talking. Elder Jones shared his experience of losing his SD card with the only copy of all of his mission photos on a 3 mile stretch of road after doing a service project. He went back the next day to the spots he had stopped to take pictures, prayed and found it about 100 feet from the likely spots. Heavenly Father blesses us to find tiny SD cards, and contact lens! Sweet miracles!

Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera

We felt like true Englishmen and women after seeing all this beauty over the hills and dales of North Stroud! Cheerio!


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