Joyful Easter


It truly is a joyful Easter, knowing that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer–from sin and death, that because He paid the price and was resurrected, we too will live again. Because He sacrificed for us and took upon Him the sins of the world, as we repent, we will be forgiven, healed, cleansed and changed. We know this with all of our hearts! It’s the great message that we as missionaries share! We love the power of the spirit that comes as we testify of those truths!

Here are some wonderful powerful short videos from the Church website that we love.

We add our witness that He lives! And that makes all the difference!



How wonderful to have the New Testament accounts of the Savior’s appearance after His resurrection and then added to that the Book of Mormon accounts of his visit to those on the American continent. We love reading how he healed, taught, wept with and blessed one by one–all that He does with us today as we turn to Him!


And then, closer to our day, what a blessing to know that the Prophet Joseph Smith saw God the Father and His Son, the Resurrected Jesus Christ, and that they restored His Church to the earth, with the power and authority to do His work and bless all of our lives! We testify that this is true!

.first-vision-1056664-thumbnail the-first-vision-82823-thumbnail

How fitting today to be able to so unitedly be together as members of the Church, watching General Conference, hearing powerful testimonies of the Savior Jesus Christ, whom we worship, adore and covenant to follow! Truly a joyful Easter!



One thought on “Joyful Easter

  1. Thank you for your wonderful message. Isn’t it great to be connected–technologically as well as spiritually!! Missing you, but knowing that you are where you’re supposed to be doing what the Lord needs you to do. –Happy Easter!! Juana & Turf


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