February 2015 Zone Conference

Mention the “C word” Conference, any LDS Conference, whether it’s General, Regional, or Stake Conference and it’s sure to be a grand, happy gathering of members of the Church and with it, a wonderful customized feast of the spirit. That fits for Missionary Zone Conferences too! Ours this week was with four zones, Cheltenham 1 (us), Cheltenham 2, and from Wales-Cardiff and Merthyr Tydfil, almost 100 missionaries. Since we have inspected missionary flats from all but Merthyr, we know many of the missionaries and they greet us so warmly! (Now we inspect Cheltenham1 and Cardiff–24 flats and 48 missionaries. For our Zone Conference, we were trained by our mission president and his wife, President Craig and Julie Rasmussen, and the assistants.Later we had breakout sessions by zone, with the zone leaders leading discussions. In the middle we had a delicious Subway and salad lunch capped off with our large group photo and a Preach My Gospel Manual Search competition. To conclude we had twelve missionaries bear their departing testimonies. They leave March 11, as part of the first historical wave of 18 year old missionaries who have turned into awesome mature leaders in the mission! Wonderful to feel their valiant spirits and know that the Church is in good hands for the future!


This is the photo from the December Zone Conference which I haven’t posted yet. Our February will come later when the ebmission blog gets updated. For now, this will represent the zone conference feeling! Don’t we look stately and distinguished?–and we all were, for at least ten or fifteen seconds when the camera snapped. The next photos capture the energetic chaos that got us to that point! We are easy to spot, since there are only two senior couples for the four zones standing together, plus the mission president and his wife on the front row in the center.

Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera DSCN2581 DSCN2847 DSCN2848 Cheerio!


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