British Second Cousins

My cousin’s son-in-law Tom Brown from Utah found a connection, when doing family history, with a couple, Roy and Libby Winwood, who live in Herefordshire, about an hour north of us. With a little detective work we found the phone number and “rang them up” as they say here. They were so kind when we talked and so sweet to invite us to visit and have lunch with them in their home. On Wednesday, February 4th we had a lovely drive through the countryside, with the sun shining! On the way, we stopped in Cradley to look for an ancestor grave with no luck, but we had a nice visit with the church wardens and rector as they finished their weekday meeting. Just ten minutes from there was Roy and Libby’s beautiful home in Newland, just on the outskirts of Worcester (pronounced “Woo” as in wood + “stuh”). They welcomed us with open arms and great kindness. It was so exciting to meet relatives-for us and them too, it seems! They are dear people; we are so impressed with them, and felt an instant connection! We share a great grandma, Caroline Philpotts. Roy with her first husband Allen Pritchard, who died early, and I with her second husband, John Kendrick, who emigrated with Caroline to Utah in about 1893. It was so interesting to hear more about the family that stayed here in England. We loved the visit, sharing experiences, expressing the draw that our heritage has had on us, the many “coincidences” that have led to discoveries, the deep satisfaction of learning about ancestors… As Roy put it, “I feel like I know who I am more, and when I look in the mirror I feel like I see the bigger picture, generations gone before.” He had us captivated by his stories, some about  “me-granddad, a big man, who lived with us for seven years”. (I wish I could capture his accent!) We had a lovely lunch together and talked more and made future plans to go exploring together soon to look at family ancestor places. What an amazing time we had together with our cousins! It was hard to leave!

Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital CameraCheerio!


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