Caerphilly Castle, largest in Wales

With our new assignment to inspect missionary flats in southern Wales, 15 of them each transfer, or period of six weeks, we are spending lots of time there. We love the opportunity to meet them, visit and see how awesome they are. It really is an uplifting, sweet experience for us! Our first photos show a little flavor of Newport, our first batch, then we have some photos from this last Tuesday when we went to Caerphilly area where this awesome castle is (our first castle tour of our mission). We parked at the missionary flat (free) and walked a block over to the castle, right in the middle of the town. It started to rain as we were there, which added to the atmosphere of mystery and antiquity! We dashed from place to place and felt very adventurous! The castle was begun in 1268, with moats all around, and towers and gateways and large, fireplaced halls. It was damaged by the Civil War, giving it its own leaning tower (even more that Pisa). In the 1800’s and 1900s there was a lot of restoration work done. We really enjoyed the multi-media presentations that told its story.

Digital Camera

These first few are photos from a month ago, when we arrived at our Zond Christmas Conference 40 minutes early, had time to kill, so we drove off to the Caerphilly Castle, 8 minutes away. The sun was coming up and it was so lovely. We dashed out of our car, took photos and then drove back over the mountain to our Conference, with a vow to come back and see the interior, which was fulfilled this last week! 🙂

Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera

These next four are from Newport, from the car as we drove through, to give a little taste of this port city.Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital CameraAnd now, for Caerphilly Castle, leaning tower to the left!

ADigital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera This large tapestry in the great hall shows some of the legends of the castle. Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Cheerio!


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