4700 mile trip to Jackson’s Baptism

So, one of our first worries, when we got our mission call, was how hard it would be to miss the baptism of our oldest grandchild, Jackson, son of our son Matt and daughter-in-law Julianne. His eight year old birthday was December 18th. We’ve been at all the occasions of our grandchildren and that has been so wonderful! But our worries were unfounded! We got to go!  Yes, it was through the miracle of Skype/IPad technology that we made our trip in seconds! (No jetlag even!) Matt Skyped with us a few days prior to make sure it would work. He took us on a ride in his truck through the snow covered streets of Orem over to the stake center and made sure the connections were there and then he set us (in his IPad) back on the dashboard for the ride back and we had a good visit with the family, watched Jackson play the piano, got an earful from Tess, who is two and some sweet kisses on the screen.

So we were all ready on Saturday, January 3 at 6:30pm our England time and 11:30 am Orem time. We were greeted by Matt dressed in white in the foyer of the stake center. Kristi and Drew were our “babysitters” so to speak, They carried the IPad around and we got to greet and visit Jackson,Matt, Julianne, Lucy, and Tess, Grandpa Libutti, Scott and Rachel and my Mom, sister Linda, nieces Betsy and Chelsea and their families, Matt’s dear inlaws, Ann and Scott Crowley and family and other kind friends. We then went into the chapel ad sat on the front row of the right side pews, where we could see the speakers and watch Jackson and Matt, both dressed in white. We sang along with the Primary songs, listened to McKay, Julianne’s brother talk about baptism and then we went to the baptism font room and watched while Matt baptized Jackson. We can’t begin to express what a thrill it was for us to be there and share that special time! We were able to see Grandpa Libutti be a witness for that important ordinance. We then went back to the chapel and watched Lucy and her cousins also sit on the front row, where she waved to us periodically while Scott gave an awesome talk about the Holy Ghost. Then we watched as the priesthood men gathered around Jackson seated in a chair and helped  with the ordinance of confirmation as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Truly a indescribable thrill for grandparents!


Our grandson Jackson’s baptism invitation.


A moment with his Mom, Julianne, our awesome daughter-in-law! A teary day for Moms!


Jackson with his wonderful Dad and Mom


Jackson with his great grandpa, Bill Stacey, Julianne’s grandpa


Matt and Jackson, ready for baptism


Jackson and his Great-Grandma, Donna May Bowen, Matt’s grandma and my Mom


Jackson and friends at the lunch afterward at his home. We didn’t make it to that part! 🙂

I don’t know if you can find bigger fans of technology and Skyping and laptops and IPads that Gene and I are now!

At the same time, it would be hard to find bigger fans of the gospel of Jesus Christ and His restored Church, with priesthood authority to perform sacred saving ordinances, that brings wonderful blessings! We’re so grateful that Jackson can be on this wonderful path to return to His Heavenly Father. Awesome miracles!


One thought on “4700 mile trip to Jackson’s Baptism

  1. Thank you for sharing! We will have two grandchildren baptized while we are gone and we hadn’t thought of using Skype. Now we know! Glad to hear things are going so well.


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