Lovely Christmas

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Gene and Elder Packer, just transferred in December 17th and Elder Dunn with their red ties after church the Sunday before Christmas

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Christmas tree at a place in Malmesbury, a town older than London, where we visited some wonderful people December 23 after our program at the Cirencester Hospital. The next three are from the Abbey in Malmesbury and the town center.

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Malmesbury Abbey

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Malmesbury Abbey and the quaint Old Bell nearby.

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Some more of the abbey and the town.

Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera The next four photos are of the Loft family in Malmesbury, who invited us to their home December 23 and gave us the sweet gift of sharing their talents and kindness!Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera The next few are of our Christmas Eve together, with our tree and the presents so kindly given to us. We read together about our children’s first missionary Christmases they each shared a while ago (with a greater appreciation) and then from Luke 2 and and Gene playing Silent Night What a simple, but sweet Christmas Eve–one we will always remember!Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera  A cute little elderly couple gave us this hanging about the Cotswolds and several other presents that we shared with the elders. A dear family in the ward, the Naulls invited us to share their Christmas feast, so lovingly prepared and shared! Their parents celebrated their 67th wedding anniversary on Christmas too! We so enjoyed that time together!Digital Camera Digital Camera How amazing to be so far from so many loved people in our lives and still have such a lovely Christmas!  We’re so grateful for kindness, service, Christlike love and sharing! We’re so grateful for the Savior, for His birth, life, sacrifice, atonement, and for restoring His church that has so much to offer to families and all of us! ‘So glad we can share these wonderful blessings here in England! Happy New Year to all of you! Cheerio!


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