Mission Thanksgiving

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We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner at a cultural hall next to the mission home (an hour and a half drive away) that was held for the missionary couples and senior sister missionaries (about 30 people).

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‘Wish Kristi was here, because she would have taken great photos of the food table, with the steam rising from the turkey and the mashed potatoes and the colors of the salad popping! Instead, here is another shot of our table, with the serving table in the background! 🙂

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What a joy to be with Nyla Banner, a dear family friend from when I was a teenager and her children were my piano students and her late husband our Bishop!

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Sister Nyla Banner and her neighbor/friend who is her senior companion. They serve together in the public affairs office.

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Group picture of the senior missionaries for our mission. President and Sister Rasmussen are in the center.

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In the background they were setting up for the preview of the awesome Worldwide Christmas Initiative, “He is the Gift”. You can see all about it on Christmas.mormon.org andfind ways to Discover the gift, Embrace the Gift and Share the Gift.

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Sorry, just ran out of time for the captions! The rest are of people we met, the Jones who also work with Public Affairs, the last couple is Elder and Sister Grey, the office couple who are leaving soon, our official photo with the mission president and his wife…. We so missed being with our family, but loved being with these wonderful people too! We’re so thankful for you!!!! Cheerio!

Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera


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