People, After All!

Looking over past blog entries, we haven’t quite captured the most important element of our mission, the people, after all!!!!! Today we’ll try to catch up on people we’ve met and people at home.


Here are two photos from our MTC group of 82 missionaries from far and wide, going to places all over the earth!


We loved hearing the opportunity to talk to so many of them as we came and went to classes and meetings. Awesome to hear their conversion stories, their life experiences, their journey toward their calls, the sacrifices they are making and the courage they have to go forth and do amazing things. Gene and I are the couple that are second to the right (I’m in maroon).

Picture 337

Our first district in England plus our zone leaders Elder Steflik and Hess on the front left. Elder Orr, from Canada, our district leader, is next to them, then Elder Chantry and Chugg serving with us in Stroud. Top left are: Elder Myrtaq from Albania, Elder Adams from Samoa and Elder Purser from Idaho (author of the book, Standing on Borrowed Legs) and then us!


Elder Dunn from South Jordan, who replaced Elder Chugg, Beverly Roper, our dear friend and Elder Chantry from Washington State.


Janet Evans, right, and daughters Lindsay and Jessica and Freddie


This last Tuesday, Nov. 18, after our flat inspection in Evesham with Elders Allred and Velasco, they came with us to dinner at the Retallick family home. (Pres. Retallick, in the middle, is a counselor in our stake presidency.)


Carla Retallick in the center, instant kindred spirit, new counselor in the Stake YW presidency, great cook, valiant spirit and really fun! Next to me is Jessica Retallick, 14 years old, who is kind and friendly, plays the flute and is already our sweet friend!


I know, this is a goofy photo of me, but we had to have a photo of the picture Jess drew for us, that we now have on our wall!

Digital Camera

Speaking of goofy, here are the elders in our new district, after three of the companionships changed this last transfer (all except Gene and I 🙂 Elder Hall in the middle our new district leader, Elder Allen, both from Utah, and Elder Adams from Samoa.

Digital Camera

Elders Purser and Adams.

Digital Camera

‘Forgot to mention this is our district eating at The Hungry Horse, next door to the chapel in Yate, after a great district meeting!


We had to put these next two photos from before we left. One with all of my sisters and Mom, from the left, Linda, Susan, me, Mom, Gina, Dayna, and Lori. So fun to be all together the week before we took off!

photo (2)

A Stake Young Women group photo, taken a few weeks before our mission, dear young women and yw leaders!!!!


So, now for photos from back home!!!! Our dear little Tess!


Julianne, Jackson, Tess and Lucy


Two baptisms we missed, our dear Maizie, her Mom, Betsy, her grandma, Linda and her great-grandma Bowen.


Bailey Harris’ baptism with her cousin Ryan and Jackson and Lucy.


Halloween back at home, much more celebrated than in England! Happy grandchildren!


Matt, Lucy and Jackson


Drew (I have the same nightgown here!) the wolf in grandma disguise and Kristi, Little Red-Ridinghood

FullSizeRender (1)

Rachel & Scott


Matt, Julianne and the children

FullSizeRender (2)

Scary Jackson

FullSizeRender (3)

The whole kit-and-kaboodle, with Jo and Chris as camouflage hunters in the middle, hosts to the gala event! (Julianne home with Tess, who was sick)


Lucy, our kindergarten student!

DSC00999 (1)

Our nephew Stephen and daughters Madeline and Sydney

Grandpa Halloween

Grandpa Libutti with the trick-or-treaters

Digital Camera

Aren’t we blessed to have so many awesome people in our lives–here in England and back home!!!  Yes, the best part is the people, after all! Cheerio!


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