Wales and Westonbirt P-days

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Last week we went on a grand adventure to Wales, where our Bowen ancestors live in the 1800’s. We found the church where our pioneers Lewis and Mary Ann Harris Bowen were married, Llantrisant Place of the 3 Saints-(Peter, Paul and John). We didn’t know that our GPS would take us on miles of tunnelish, untrimmed hedge lined dirt roads through the fields. We kept thinking if we met a car, we would have to back up for miles! Sandy Blair, the church warden who lived nearby (quite luckily home) let us in and showed us around and it was awesome. Sadly, my photos were lost, so I filmed the brochure we picked up

Digital Camera

Here’s a blurry photo of the inside of the church, where Lewis and Mary Ann once stood in 1836 and joined the church in 1852ish, against the wishes of his father David.

Digital Camera

Stained glass window in Llantrisant church


The aisle they walked down, did they do that then? Luckily Gene took photos too!


The church


The back door where the parish records were kept.


Another shot of the glass window.


After we went to the Welsh church, we drove over to the coal mine that Lewis Bowen worked in in Blaenavon. Here is what it looks like now.


Coal mine


‘Wishing my photos of Gene weren’t lost!

Digital Camera

Cottages like the ones Lewis and Mary Ann Bowen lived in (1840-50s)

Digital Camera

Inside the cottages, where Mary Ann did her work 🙂

Digital Camera

Bedroom of the cottage

Digital Camera

Drawing of those 1840’s coal miner families

Digital Camera

Drawing of the mine in the 1800’s

Digital Camera

Aerial drawing

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Then this last Saturday and Sunday we went to our Cheltenham Stake Conference, got to sing in the choir, met many wonderful members, and heard inspired leaders, including Elder Dryden, our area seventy from Leeds. A great soul-feeding, “Hastening the work” conference!

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The next day, this last Monday, November 3, we went to the Westonbirt Arboretum, about 15 minutes south of us.

Digital Camera

This arboretum has thousands of trees from all over the world, tall stately giants, all sizes and textures!

Digital Camera

Missing our Utah colors, it was so fun to see the beautiful autumn leaves here!

Digital Camera

We were amazed by the numbers of people that were here. We’ve decided the English love their nature and their walks!

Digital Camera

What a beautiful, though chilly, day to walk over three miles, enjoy a lunch (mushroom soup, a cheddar scone and some carrot cake) and appreciate our Heavenly Father’s creations. Then we were off to visit some ward members on the way home! Cheerio!

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