Our first P-day–hike on the Selsley Commons

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Selsley Commons is a large hill, right close to our flat. This photo doesn’t quite capture that it is a hill, but our legs were quite aware of it as we hiked up on our P-day,                          Monday, October 20, 2014!

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I only include this charming photo of me in the wind because it captures the huge divets out of the hill at the top. We thought they might be places the armies carved out to camp and go to fight the army in the fort the next hill over. Instead, we found out later, these are spots where the famous Cotswold stone was quarried out years before! We saw the beautiful church down below and made our way down the little paths to explore it and eat our lunch on its front steps.

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This is the gateway to the All Saints Church we saw from the hill above.

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When we went inside the church, it was full of beautiful stained glass done by William Morris, capturing various Bible stories and prophets. Very lovely!

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‘Had to include this sign on the road! We love the blessing of paying tithings!!! We’ll leave the rest of the photos to speak for themselves. It was a wonderful day to explore the countryside and feel the antiquity of these places, be together through wind, sprinkling rain, bursts of sunshine,  and always breathtaking beauty! A sweet walk on the Selsley Commons!   Cheerio!

Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera


3 thoughts on “Our first P-day–hike on the Selsley Commons

  1. So enjoyable to read your mission blog . Makes me want to go on a mission ! I am so glad to know your love of the gospel and your love of people will be blessing the lives of the good people in England. It’s all good and so very true and important.
    Love, Anna


  2. Wow this is wonderful. I wish this was available when I was serving over there. You have taken some
    lovely pictures and great to see the both of you looking good and enjoying your mission. Let me know if you get to Haverford West or Milford Haven.
    Love, Pamela


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